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Download AtheOS

This is the various optional packages available from this site. This are mostly AtheOS ports of various GNU applications. To install a package go to the /usr/ directory and unpack the gzipped tarball. Then run the "/system/config/" to update the various environment settings and restart the shell with "exec bash -login" to update the environment variables.

This way of installing applications is only intended to be used for CLI applications. Much of the application management will change when the desktop manager starts to shape up. Most native AtheOS applications will be GUI apps that will be handled by the desktop manager and not the CLI so there will be no need to have the CLI path variables pointing to them. There will also be functions in the API for getting the path to various standard directories and most important to the directory where the executable is located. This means an application can be quite "position independent". If you have a "MyApp" directory with the binaries in "MyApp/Binaries" and various data files in "MyApp/data" you will be able to find the data directory (or any other directories inside "MyApp" by using relative paths from the location of the binary no mather where in the FS the "MyApp" directory is located.

Please note that some (very few) of the packages here have dependencies on other packages so you might have to install more than one package to make it work. This at least goes for GCC which need the GNU binutils package to work so remember to install both when you install GCC.

 apache-1.3.9.bin.1.tgz       1.5M
autoconf-2.13.bin.1.tgz 261.7K
automake-1.4.bin.1.tgz 206.0K
bind-8.2.2.bin.1.tgz 4.0M
binutils-2.10.bin.2.tgz 9.8M
bison-1.28.bin.1.tgz 184.9K
bitchx-1.0c16.bin.1.tgz 1.5M
cvs-1.10.8.bin.1.tgz 776.9K
cvs-1.10.bin.1.tgz 749.9K
diffutils-2.7.bin.1.tgz 187.9K
doxygen- 2.3M
emacs-19.34.bin.5.tgz 10.6M
epic4-1.0.bin.1.tgz 606.6K
flex-2.5.4.bin.1.tgz 106.9K
gawk-3.0.4.bin.1.tgz 420.0K
gcc-2.95.2.bin.4.tgz 8.4M
gettext-0.10.35.bin.1.tgz 579.4K
ghostscript-6.0.bin.1.tgz 4.7M
gperf-2.7.bin.1.tgz 159.4K
groff-1.11.1.bin.1.tgz 2.4M
hc-cron-0.13.bin.1.tgz 33.7K
libjpeg-6b.bin.1.tgz 255.5K
libpng-1.0.5.bin.1.tgz 82.8K
lynx-2.8.2.bin.1.tgz 609.9K
m4-1.4.bin.1.tgz 118.8K
make-3.78.1.bin.1.tgz 268.9K
mc-4.1.bin.1.tgz 776.7K
nasm-0.98.bin.1.tgz 278.4K
ncftp-2.4.3.bin.1.tgz 128.7K
odin- 528.4K
openssh-2.5.2p2.bin.1.tgz 1.6M
patch-2.5.4.bin.1.tgz 99.7K
perl-5.005.3.bin.1.tgz 4.1M
php-3.0.14.bin.1.tgz 423.7K
php-4.0.6.bin.1.tgz 1.1M
python-1.5.2.bin.2.tgz 2.2M
rcs-5.7.bin.1.tgz 649.0K
rsync-2.3.2.bin.1.tgz 98.4K
tcpd-0.0.2.bin.1.tgz 139.5K
teTex-1.0.bin.1.tgz 39.6M
thttpd-2.21b.bin.1.tgz 71.3K
unzip-5.40.bin.1.tgz 106.3K
w3m-0.1.9.bin.1.tgz 300.6K
webalizer-2.00-12.bin.1.tgz 151.9K
wget-1.5.3.bin.2.tgz 145.2K
zicq-0.2.9.bin.1.tgz 146.2K
zlib-1.1.3.bin.1.tgz 40.2K
zsh-3.1.9.bin.1.tgz 1.1M