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Thu 12 Sep 2002
The server will be down at least from Friday 13th to Monday 16th due to moving. Might longer to, depending on how long it takes to get the network up and running in the new offices.

Fri 2 Aug 2002
Figured a little hello from me was due time : ) As you might have noticed, not much has happened here the last many months. At first I was just tired of AtheOS and needed a break. Then I joined a theory-course and started taking flying lessons in order to get a pilot-licence. During that periode I did not have time to work on AtheOS. When I was done with my theory exams in March I tried getting started again, but got very dissapointed and lost all motivation when the first thing I read about after getting some hickups in my mail-server sorted out whas what Bill Haiden was doing with AtheOS. I also bought a plane that needed quite a bit of work, and have been busy fixing it up since. The plane is now finished and sertified and I will now finish the practical education for the pilot license as soon as possible (on my own plane). Right now I don't even have a PC to do any AtheOS development on as my main PC broke down a few months ago and I won't get it fixed or buy a new until the expenses on my plane and license fall below the pain limit : ) When I'm done with the license I will probably get the PC going again and start working on AtheOS. But until then nothing will happen, so don't hold your breath : ). Since my development PC is broken, even updating the site is a lot of hassel, but I have made a page with some pictures of my plane and I will try to keep it a bit updated on what is going on with it until I get started with AtheOS again. The pictures can be found here. They was taken during/after the first (and so far only) test-flight of the plane Tuesday July 30th.

Tue 9 Oct 2001
New version. Time for a new release of AtheOS. I have not had all that much time for AtheOS since 0.3.6 but I have got some work done. The main focus have still been bug fixing and optimization but I have also added a few new features to the various API's aswell as a new tool for managing installation of command-line applications and a tool for adding, listing, and extracting resources to/from executable images. There is also a new set of classes and functions that help the applications to locate and load resources embedded in executable's and DLL's. Various other classes have also been added to the API and many of the existing classes has been extended. The TCP/IP stack have got an overhaul and are now performing much better than in previous versions. Espesially on high-latency links. Take a look at the changes list for a more detailed list of changes since V0.3.6.

Thu 6 Sep 2001
Some info on the server tweeking front. Like mentioned in the previous update I was experimenting with various lightwheight web servers to offload Apache. I didn't find any that did all I wanted and was lightweight enough so eventually I whent back to using Apache for everything. Yesterday however I gave it another go and I believe I now have a setup that performs reasonably well. Instead of using separate servers for dynamic and static content I installed Squid as a caching frontend server. This greatly offload Apache by caching the dynamically generated content in memory and on disk. This increased the server throughput and maximum allowable number of connections quite a bit. I might still need to tweak the setup a bit but various stress tests from another 100Mb/s network gave promicing results with the current setup.

Wed 15 Aug 2001
Having problems accessing Just wanted to note that I have been doing a lot of experimenting with the server the last couple of days and that I might still will have to restart the HTTP server and even reboot the machine a few times. Since the server is now on a 100Mb/s link I have tried to get a bit more optimal setup. I have experimented a lot with different lightwheight HTTP servers that handle static content like images and downloads while using Apache for all the CGI generated content. The reason is that Apache use to much memory when serving many connections. Unfortunately I have not been happy with any of the servers I have tested so now I'm back to using Apache for everything.

In addition I have replaced the old 10Mb/s NIC with a 100Mb/s NIC and done various performanse tests with various settups (different HTTP servers, with one CPU disabled, different number of connections, etc etc) and this have required several reboots and otherwhise interrupted service. I have also found a few bugs in the TCP/IP stack. Most of them have been fixed and the rest I'm looking at now. I will probably have to reboot the server at least once more to update the kernel.

The server will also disappear for a while next week some time since I have to change the IP address again. The current address is only temporary so I will have to move it to a permanent address within a few days. That means that the server again will be inaccessible until the new IP address have been distributed to all the name servers around the globe. I will post a new note when I know exactly when the address is going to be changed.

Mon 13 Aug 2001
New version. I have mostly been consentrating on fixing bugs since the release of V0.3.5 and have got rid of quite a few anoying bugs and memory leaks. Several bugs have been fixed in the kernel, ABrowse, ATerm, the GUI toolkit, and the native filesystem.

Take a look at the changes list for a more detailed list of changes since V0.3.5.

Thu 9 Aug 2001
New server connection. The server is now moved from it's old 2Mb/s to a 100Mb/s connection. There is still a 10Mb/s NIC in the server though so the actual bandwidth is 10Mb/s This should hopefully make the site a bit more accessible.

Wed 8 Aug 2001
The server will hopefully be moved to a new 100Mb/s link tomorrow around noon Norwegian time (GMT+2). This means that the server will get a new IP address so it will be inaccessible from the moment it is moved and until the new IP address has been picked up by all the DNS servers around the world.

Mon 30 Jul 2001
Added more RAM to the server and increased the number of allowed simultanously connections to the HTTP server. This might make it a little bit more accessible to the hord of slashdot readers trying to beat it up :) The real problem is lack of bandwidth though so no miracles are to be expected.

Sun 29 Jul 2001
New version. There has been a long time since the last release of AtheOS but finally V0.3.5 is ready for release. There is several reasons for the long delay like the fact that I have been rather busy at work lately and that we have had a great summer here in Oslo so AtheOS have not always been at the top of my priority list. Also quite a lot of work have gone into this release and quite a lot of new features and improvements have been made.

Many of the changes are additions and modifications to the various API's and toolkits but also a few user-visible aspects are improved in this release. Many bugs are fixed in the text editor and list-view widgets. The scrollbar have got a totally new look and a few new features like "paging" (jump one page when clicking beside the knob) and small arrow buttons that can be used to move the know.

Some crash-bugs have been fixed and the general robustness of the application server has been improved. Also several kernel crash-bugs have been fixed so the general stability of AtheOS have improved quite a bit. The uptime on my heavily stressed developer machine is 34 days when I write this (the time since the last HW upgrade).

This version also have two new keymaps (German and Sweedish) and support for a wide range of nVidia graphics adaptors.

The main focus for V0.3.5 however has been on the KHTML based web browser. I have ported the HTML parser/renderer used in the Konqueror web browser (KHTML) to AtheOS. KHTML is a very capabel HTML parser and renderer that support both CSS and javascript and so does the AtheOS web browser. Finally a high-quality web browser for AtheOS! The browser is part of the 0.3.5 base install and the 0.3.4->0.3.5 upgrade archive.

Take a look at the changes list for a more detailed list of changes since V0.3.4.

Sat 28 Jul 2001
New face for! Thanks to Eugenia Loli-Queru and her nice design and Hisham Muhammad for his nice AtheOS logo the site have got a new and much better look. Eugenia actually made the new design several months ago but I have not had time to rewrite the PHP code until now. Also the logo has been around for a long time. Muhammad posted a link to this site containing the logo to the AtheOS mailing list a long time ago but I never got around to do anything about it until now. Thanks to both for their contributions.

Hope you like the new look aswell!

Mon 23 Apr 2001
New version. This is mostly a bug-fix release. There was a few problems introduced in V0.3.3 that have been fixed by now. In addition a few old bugs has been fixed. I have spendt a lot of time revising the AFS filesystem driver since V0.3.3. Much of the journaling code has been redesigned to allow backing out of partially finished transactions if an error occure. The new journaling code is also better optimized. The rest of the filesystem has also been overhauled and should now handle all out-of-memory situasions gracefully (previous version's could not handle this and whould keep retrying failed allocations until they succeded, potentially locking up forever). Most of this changes is not included in this release though. Since so large portion of the FS has been modified I want to test it a bit longer myself to make sure no critical bugs has been introduced. I did however back-port the most important bugfixes to the old FS and included that instead. The problems with lockups when changing the screen-mode or window-decorator in 0.3.3 (and possibly other versions) have been fixed. A lockup bug has been fixed in the S3 Virge gfx driver and it is now (again) included on the boot-floppis. The stime() system-call has been implemented to allow "date" to set the system clock.

Fri 13 Apr 2001
Sorry about the 12 hour! downtime period. The boot disk died yesterday and I had to reformat the "tmp" disk and reinstall everything there. When I was almost done with the install that disk decided to comitt suicide aswell :( Since I didn't have any more disk readily available I had to drive back home and clean up and steal a disk from my home-PC which is what the server is running on now. Thank you for your patience.

Sun 8 Apr 2001
New version. Quite a lot have happened since the 0.3.2 release. AtheOS now have a high-level object-oriented filesystem API to go along with the OO GUI API. I have implemented node-watching which is a system that allow application's to monitor FS activity like file-creation, file-modification, file-renaming/moving, attribute-changes, etc etc without polling on the file or directory it want to monitor.

The desktop manager is updated to take advantage of node-watching to keep it's directory views current.

The "controlling-tty" managment in the kernel have got an overhaul, and a few race-condition was fixed. A process can now open it's own controlling-tty through "/dev/tty" (which makes things like scp work).

GCC and the STL library has been updated to make STL-allocators and C++ exceptions thread-safe. A new higly-efficient way of handling thread-local data has been implemented and is now used (among other things) to provide a thread-safe "errno" variable.

Some of the GUI classes have been updated with new functionality and bug-fixes (most notably the ListView, and the Font classes).

I have also ported/compiled a few new software packages for AtheOS. OpenSSH, zsh, BitchX and epic are now available for download as precompiled packages.

More documentation. The documentation is still poor, but I'm working on getting the various API's documented.

Take a look at the changes list to learn what's new since V0.3.2.

Wed 28 Mar 2001
Then the new server machine is up and running. This site is now hosted on a Dual Celeron 466 with 256MB RAM running AtheOS.

Tue 27 Mar 2001
Server upgrade coming. I will soon replace the old K6-200 running with a Dual Celeron 466. Hopefully I will be able to make the swap tomorrow but it might have to be delayed until thursday. The old server is getting a bit under-powered this days beside "Dual Celeron" looks much better than "AMD K6" on the server info page :) There will be a (hopefully short) down-time periode during the upgrade.

I have got a good portion new feature into AtheOS since the last release so a new version should be ready in not to long. The next version will include things like a highlevel FS API (C++), node-watching (API for monitoring filesystem changes without polling) and an upgraded desktop manager that takes advantage of some of the new features. Over the next couple releases I hope to get the desktop manager flexible enough to make installing of new desktop applications (apps started from the desktop-manager rather than the terminal) an easy task. When this is done I will try to get an AtheOS-software section up and running at where people can host AtheOS software and maybe a "screen-shot" section where you can submitt nice AtheOS screen-shots.

Thu 22 Feb 2001
New version. Not a major upgrade, but this version has been tested and found to boot under VMWare. Thanks to Keith Adams from VMWare for his research on why previous versions of AtheOS didn't boot under VMWare. I have also fixed some bugs in ATerm and added some features in the kernel that prevented the BitchX IRC client to work under AtheOS. I will build a BitchX package and make it available for download soon. I have also started to document the device driver API and non-POSIX system calls. There is not much yet, but now that I have got Doxygen set up for the kernel I hopefully find motivation to actually write some documentation :) Take a look at the changes list to learn what's new since V0.3.1.

Mon 5 Feb 2001
New version. I have been very busy the last few weeks but I have got some work done on AtheOS anyway. This release fixes a few bugs from V0.3.0 and there is a few new features in the GUI API. It also comes with a partition editor so you can repartition the disk to create the AFS partition from within AtheOS. Take a look at the changes list to learn what's new since V0.3.0.

Wed 6 Dec 2000
AtheOS is now available on CD-ROM. Every now and then I receive requests for AtheOS on CD. After a posting to the AtheOS mailing-list a lot of people have volunteered to burn and ship AtheOS CD-ROM's. The list can be found here. If you have a CD burner and can/want to ship CD's in a area not already covered please let me know

Wed 22 Nov 2000
New Version! This is the first version of AtheOS to use the GRUB bootloader instead of the old DOS-based bootloader. This version can (and must) be installed directly to a native partition using a set of boot floppies. The current version require quite a bit of "manual" work in a terminal to format the FS and mount the required partition in order to do the installation but I am working on a installer that when finished will automate most of this. I am also working on support for mounting (and booting from) "extended" partition but it did not make it for this release so AtheOS can currently only mount primary partitions. Finaly an "independent" AtheOS :)

Wed 22 Nov 2000
The server will be down for a little while (pobably about an hour) later today (aprox. 17:00 GMT) for an OS and HW upgrade

Tue 31 Oct 2000
New boot-loader on it's way. I have now ported the GRUB bootloader to AtheOS and modified the kernel to be compliant with the MultiBoot standard. I have also written a read-only micro version of the native AtheOS filesystem for GRUB. This means that the boot-loader can find the kernel and the device and filesystem drivers required to mount the root FS and boot directly off the filesytem without the need for running any ugly tools that rebuilds a kernel-blocklists or anything like that after installing new kernels and such. It also means that the kernel don't need *any* device drivers and filesystems builtin. The boot-loader will load and pass the required device-driver images to the kernel during bootup.

I have installed the bootloader on one of my machines and it now boot nicely off the native partition (instead of going through DOS like earlier). There is still quite a few loose ends though so I won't be able to make a new release for a while yet, but it is closing in now. The main headache now will be to get a simple installation procedure in place.

Thu 19 Oct 2000
New version! This is a major upgrade from the 0.2.0 version. There is several new classes in the GUI toolkit and a lot of extensions to the old classes. The kernel is much more stable. A lot of deadlock bugs was introdused when I implemented dynamic cache size in the 0.1.3 version. Most of the bugs was fixed by V0.2.0 but it still had problems with fragmentations of the kernel-heap making the kernel run out of memory after a while. This problems have been sorted out in the 0.2.1 kernel and it now seems to be stable (I have had two machines running under heavy stress for more than 10 days now without any problems). The most important change however is that the default fonts are now fully configurable and that the base installation now contain all the needed fonts. The fonts included are from the now GPL'ed Open Office. The monospaced font looks ok but it is missing the box-rendering glyphs. It also have a bit to many features to be clear in small sizes. If you happen to own a good looking commersial monospaced font (like Lucida Console) I recommend using that instead. To get a more detailed description of what's new take a look at the changes log at the download page.

Fri 6 Oct 2000
New network driver. I have ported the Realtek RTL8129/8139 Linux NIC driver (Written by Donald Becker) to AtheOS. A beta of the driver can be found on the 0.2.0 download page. I did some minor changes to the kernel that the driver depends on so the rtl8139-drv.tgz is containing both the driver and a new kernel. To install both just unpack the archive from the root directory.

Sun 24 Sep 2000
Redesigned the download page and added a "patch" section where I will upload patches for the various ports I have made. The sources are also available through anonymous CVS.

Thu 14 Sep 2000
New version! I have built a new AtheOS distribution and uploaded to this server. The new version have some GUI-API changes and a more "flikker" free GUI plus a few other changes. Read the changes.txt file for more details. Got to the download page to get the rest. Note that this time I built an "upgrade" package that can upgrade from 0.1.4 to 0.2.0 without resetting the old configuration. Just unpack the upgrade archive somewhere and run the shell script inside.

Wed 30 Aug 2000
New kernel-upgrade. The kernel from the 0.1.4a tar-ball had a bug that caused readdir() to fail every now and then. This is fixed in the 0.1.4b version.

Tue 29 Aug 2000
The server was down for several hours due to a power-outage :(

Sun 27 Aug 2000
New version. I have only been working on the kernel since V0.1.4 so instead of building a full version I uploaded a tarball holding only the kernel and a new The new kernel have two new syscalls (sync() and chroot()) and it provide device-drivers with support for ISA DMA. The most important change however is in the block-cache. The 0.1.4 kernel was the first to have dynamic cache size but it was not very efficient. It wasted about 50% of the RAM in fragmentation and controll-data. It also caused the kernel heap to fragment over time and eventualy caused the kernel to run out of usable RAM. The new kernel have a memory overhead of 1-2% and does not fragment the heap. The new kernel also have a lot of deadlock condition in the cache/VM fixed. The new kernel is in the "kernel-upgrade-0.1.4a.tgz" archive on the download page. It contains a few binaries and a README file telling where to put them.

Thanks to Joel Smith for the ISA DMA kernel patch.

Wed 23 Aug 2000
The new kernel seems to run stable so I have now re-enabled anonymous CVS access.

Tue 22 Aug 2000
Finally I got the new kernel finished. I have done a major rewrite of the block-cache (again) to make it more robust and to avoid the problems the 0.1.4 kernel had with fragmenting the kernel-heap and making the kernel die due to lack of memory. I have fixed a lot of known possible deadlock situations and a few unknown. I am now testing the new kernel and will propably make a kernel-update available soon. If it seems to run stable I will try to re-enable anonymous CVS access and see if the server can handle it this time :)

Sat 19 Aug 2000
Joel Smith released a SoundBlaster Pro driver for AtheOS and contributed a kernel-patch giving support for ISA-DMA. He also released an AtheOS port of the mpg123, so for the first time it is now possible to play MP3's under AtheOS.

Thu 20 Jul 2000
Due to lack of HD space and the enormous amount of temporary files generated by CVS plus some problems with the latest kernel fragmenting kernel-memory and locking up when the FS journal grows to big I had to temporarily disable anonymous CVS access. The CVS repository is still accessible through the CVSWeb interface.

Sun 16 Jul 2000
Ported and uploaded a precompiled version of TCPD 0.0.2 to the server.

Wed 12 Jul 2000
Built version 1.10.8 of CVS and uploaded to the server.

Sun 9 Jul 2000
I set up a webcam at home pointing at my Parrot. The camera is online whenever my dial-up link is online and the parrot is within sight of the camera.
Live ParrotCam

Sun 2 Jul 2000
A SCSI cable loosened and the server was down for about 10 hours :(

Tue 27 Jun 2000
The server was moved to a new office and due to that was down for a short periode of time around 12:00 GMT.

Mon 26 Jun 2000
Redisigned the download page. The new page have separate lists for each version to make it simler to figure out what to download. It also have an "small" and a "full" version so you can hide some of the info.

Sun 25 Jun 2000
Jesper Hansen rebuilt Python for AtheOS 0.1.4. Due to some changes in GLIBC between 0.1.3 and 0.1.4 the old Python package was broken. If upgrading from 0.1.3 to 0.1.4 and you are using Python you must also upgrade to this version,

Sun 25 Jun 2000
Jesper Hansen registered a "Theam AtheOS" at He also ported the public part of the client so if says GO we will soon have a client for AtheOS. So if you are into RC5 key crunching please join up :)

The stat page is at

Thu 22 Jun 2000
Upgraded QMail and Bind so now the server should be fully operational again.

Thu 22 Jun 2000
Upgraded the needed libraries and tools to get the uptime counter back online. Unfortunatly the QMail server also need to be recompiled and I don't have the sources here at work so I will not be able to receive mail until later today.

Wed 21 Jun 2000
Upgraded the kernel on this server to the new 0.1.4. Not all of the libraries and tools is upgraded yet so the uptime counter is broken.

Wed 21 Jun 2000
AtheOS was anonced at freshmeat and the server was under quite heavy load for a few hours.

Tue 20 Jun 2000
I built a new release of AtheOS and uploaded to the server. The new version have a totaly redesigned block-cache to improve disk performance and to make it possible to mount filesystem with different block-sizes simultanously. The new cache have a smarter read-ahead scheeme that perform much better with the access patterns generated by the B+tree traversing in the native filesystem. The cache is also much better intergrated with the memory managment in the kernel so it can use all free memory as disk cache instead of a fixed amount as in the previous versions.

Wed 24 May 2000
BeGroovy ran a story about AtheOS based on information from Michael Wulff Nielse. Unfortunatly the info he came up with was *very* inaccurate and the essence of the storry was that AtheOS was written by 3 BeOS developers during the past 7 months. Well the only date actually mentioned was that Michael W. had been working on AtheOS for 7 months (Even though the first release of AtheOS was put on the server less than 2 months before and he had not contributed anything to the core OS, he did wrote a CPU meter though) but the story was picked up by BeNews and later a lot of other sites and it mutated slightly on the way. The fact is that I have never run BeOS myself other than looking over the shoulder of one of my friends who run it as his main OS.

Tue 23 May 2000
The AtheOS server was slashdottet. This is the worst mass atack I have ever seen. The server barerly touched the floor for five days :) After a few hours the server received way more traffic than it was able to handle and had to start rejecting connections. The problem was that the kernel printed a warning message each time a connection was rejected and soon it was sending more data over the 115200 baud debug link than over the network :( When I noticed the problem I removed the messages and recompiled the kernel. From that point the limit was the external link. The server is hooked to the net through a 2Mb link that was saturated for about a week. Another problem was that the amount of RAM in the server limited the "safe" number of simultanous connections to 70 so it got very hard to get a connections to the server. What was realy nice though was that the server survived the slashdotting without any crashes, it was just heavily overloaded.

AtheOS news is maintained by Kurt Skauen