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Download AtheOS

Want to try out AtheOS? Here you can download the base installation and various software for AtheOS. Most new releases also have an upgrade archive that will upgrade from the previous version of AtheOS.

Please remember that AtheOS is still not ready for "end users". There is no fancy installer for AtheOS yet so the install process is still quite manual. You boot from a set of boot floppies and get a command-line shell where you must partition the disk (if not done elswere alredy), format and mount the partition you want to install AtheOS on and unpack the archive (that must be put on a FAT partition already or be split up and stored on a stack of floppies).

Installing AtheOS is done in 10 minutes if you are a little familiar with the UNIX like command line shell and don't experience any technical problems (many people have had problems accessing their disks under AtheOS). If words like "boot floppy", "format", "mount", "command line" scares you AtheOS is probably not ready for you yet. AtheOS is a desktop OS and it will have a powerfull desktop manager but that is not in place yet. The kernel, filesystem, and GUI toolkit are shaping up and can already support most of the features I have planned for the desktop manager so I hope to be able to start on that in not to long.

The current version of AtheOS can be found here:

 Base installation

 Optional packages

 Source archives

In addition the distribution is mirrored at sourceforge. It is available through anonymous FTP from:

Or if you don't feel like downloading it at all AtheOS is also available on CD-ROM from any of the people who have volunteered to burn and ship AtheOS CD's. Take a look at this list if you whould like to purchase a CD (at self cost).

There is also an archive of older versions of AtheOS in case you need the older upgrade archives to bring you install to the latest version or if you are looking for software for an older version of AtheOS.

Previous releases

The sources is available from the download pages and through anonymous CVS. There is two distinct repositorries. One for the core sources and one for AtheOS ports of various software.

The repository for the core sources is:

And the "ports" repositorry is at:

The password for both repositorries are "anonymous".

You can also browse the CVS repository here through the CVSweb interface.

If you plan to install AtheOS I recommend subscribing the mailing list