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What software are available for AtheOS?
There are not a lot of native AtheOS applications, but there is quite a few GNU applications ported to it. The server running this site is in fact an AtheOS machine. AtheOS has ok developer support through GCC, GNU-make, Emacs, and all other GNU utillities. I do miss a debugger though. There are a handful of network servers available: ftp(wu-ftpd), http(Apache), cvs, telnet...

Applications that have been written from scratch for AtheOS:
  • cpu - A CPU load viewer that draws a chart showing the "load history".
  • Pulse - Another CPU monitor displaying the load as one "pulsing" bar for each CPU. Provides a more instant feedback on the load.
  • A Memory usage viewer.
  • An desktop manger
  • An x-term like terminal emulator.
  • An icon converter that load's windows icons, and .BMP files and converts them to AtheOS icons.
  • An GUI for GS to view PDF files in a window (Dog slow, and not really finished)
  • ps
  • top
  • nice
  • strace
  • format/mount/unmount
  • + div test app's

Application that has been heavily modified to run under AtheOS:
  • GNU Emacs V19.34
  • X-Springies
  • The GNU C library, glibc-2.1.2
  • Qt GUI toolkit. (Only the 'tools' part needed to port Doxygen)

Applications that compile from the original package with minor/no changes.
  • Apache web server
  • Bash - The Born Again Shell
  • BIND - A DNS server and client tools/libraries.
  • bzip2 - A compression utillity.
  • bison
  • Doxygen - Tool for automatice document creation from sourcefile comments.
  • CVS - Concurrent Revision Control system based on RCS
  • ftp
  • GCC GNU Compile Collection
  • Ghost script.
  • GNU Auto configure
  • GNU Auto make
  • GNU awk
  • GNU bin utils
  • GNU diff utils
  • GNU file utils
  • GNU find utils
  • GNU flex
  • GNU Make
  • GNU gperf
  • GNU patch
  • GNU grep
  • GNU groff
  • GNU sed
  • GNU shell utils
  • GNU tar
  • GNU termcap
  • GNU Terminal utils
  • GNU text utils
  • GNU zip
  • hc-crond - A cron deamon.
  • inetd
  • less - A terminal pager.
  • Lynx - A terminal based web browser.
  • M4 - A generic preprocessor.
  • man - A docmentation reader.
  • Midnight Commander - A norton commander clone.
  • ncftp - An advanced FTP client.
  • Perl5 - Interpreter for the Perl script language.
  • PHP3 - A server side script language for HTTP servers.
  • QMail - A mail-server (replacement for sendmail).
  • RCS - A revision control tool.
  • ssh - A secure shell implementation.
  • telnet/telnetd - Server/Client for the telnet protocol.
  • teTex - Set of utillities for creating latex documents.
  • wu-ftpd - An FTP server.
  • zicq - a text base ICQ client.
  • Various libraries like libpng, jpeglib, zlib, ncurses, ...